Raspberry handling tips

Handle Raspberries Carefully…

Do not wash your raspberries until you use them. Sort them quickly, removing leaves and stems. Cool and store them in your refrigerator as quickly as possible. Process or freeze your raspberries the same day that you receive them for maximum flavour and quality.

Raspberries are perishable and lose their good quality quickly, particularly after washing. For best results, rinse lightly and drain in a colander. Do not soak raspberries in water. Drain well and let dry on paper towels or absorbent tea towels.

Freeze Raspberries Quickly…

Some people prefer to freeze their raspberries first without washing, but raspberries, like all fruits, should be washed before eating.

Raspberries can be frozen whole, unwashed, by spreading them out on cookie sheets which are then placed in the freezer. A day later, gather the raspberries which are now individually quick frozen (IQF) and place in a plastic freezer bag or rigid plastic container, mark the date, then replace in the freezer. Quickly rinse the raspberries under cold running water before using them in your recipe.

For best results, defrost your raspberries in the original container in the refrigerator overnight. This allows the ice crystals to melt slowly, with better shape retention than quick defrosting.