The Raspberry Industry Development Council (RIDC) is supported by a 1 ¢ per pound levy on all raspberries grown in BC. The RIDC board consists of a manager, growers, packers and government representatives.

The mandate of the Council is to promote raspberries and their use by providing information and educational services to growers as well as to link raspberry product purchasers with growers and processors. The Council also promotes raspberries with recipes and information about the industry to the public and other interested parties.

The RIDC Research & Development Committee assesses many research projects each year, with funding of over $50,000 to approved projects.

There are no genetically modified raspberries grown in BC!

Celebrating 40 Years

The BC Raspberry Growers Association (BCRGA) represents the raspberry growers of BC in regards to municipal, provincial and federal governmental legislation and affairs. 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the BCRGA. WJ Dyck, Vic Jesse, Sandra Jones, Rajinder Singh Bathe and Helmut Sawatsky were the first 5 directors for the BCRGA. For 40 years raspberries have been growing in BC, many of the raspberry farm operations have continued into the 3rd and even 4th generation of their family business.