The Raspberry Industry Development Council, BC Blueberry Council, and the British Columbia Strawberry Growers Association, have taken a proactive role in working with the industry to continue to provide our customers with high quality and safe berries.

Produce related food safety risks may be influenced by the physical, chemical and or microbial conditions under which the produce is grown, harvested, stored, transported or handled by the end user. All risks have the potential to cause food-borne illness.

To minimize the risk of contamination, BC berry growers are working to implement good agricultural practices (GAPs) on the farm. The key areas of focus for BC berry growers include:

  • Water Quality
  • Good Picking Practices
  • Good Sanitation Practices
  • Adjacent Land Use
  • Chemical Application
  • Manure Use

For more information about the Food Safety Program please go to the Growers Only Page. A login and password will be required – email the RIDC at for both login and password.

The BC Berry Growers Good Agricultural Practices and On Farm Food Safety Program was funded in part by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of B.C. through the Agri-Food Futures Fund, Food Quality and Safety Initiative, a joint venture between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

The Business of Raspberry Production

Publications and websites providing current information regarding finance, production, world markets, labour, educational programs, applicable government regulations and information are available inGrower’s resources.


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